Components enhance connector family

Dec 11, 2011 | Electrical & electronics

High-density Monoblocks and a Quick-Lock fast termination module have been added to HARTING’s Han-Yellock connector family.

The Monoblocks offer 25 or 48 contacts in the two housing sizes – 30 and 60. The male/female crimp contacts have optimised lengths and allow a working voltage of 500V, meeting the demands of multiple-axis machines and drives in compact spaces. According to the company, these high-density packages help either to minimise the total number of interfaces or to multiply the functions within a machine.

Field-installable, the Quick Lock modules are plug-compatible with the Han-Yellock modules in crimp technology and also allow multiple possibilities in the connector, explains the company.

The contact termination is designed for stranded wires in the 0.5 mm2 to 2.5mm2 range, and offers a high level of vibration resistance. Cables can be connected quickly, without special tools.

The insert systems, Monoblocks and Quick Lock module follow the principles established by the Han-Yellock series, allowing mating on the insertion or termination side.


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