Connectors with surge protection

Jun 7, 2012 | Cables & connectors

Through a collaboration with PolyPhaser|Transtector, a sister organisation within Smiths Interconnect, protection against the higher energy transients associated with a primary lightning strike or electromagnetic pulse (EMP) can now be integrated within Hypertac connectors. As a result, a high energy pulse will not enter the main body of equipment but will be stopped at the chassis wall, enhancing equipment reliability and maintainability in military and aerospace applications.

Signal types such as power (AC/DC), high speed digital data, and RF can be integrated and protected against high energy transients from direct lightning strikes and EMP pulses ranging from standard EMP to high altitude (HEMP) and non nuclear (NNEMP) – all within the Hypertac connector. Connector types available as both filtered and with enhanced transient protection include rectangular styles such as ARINC 600, circular styles such as 38999, and D-Sub styles.



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