Controlled application of threadlockers

Dec 22, 2011 | Fasteners & adhesives

To improve control when applying threadlockers, Permatex Gel Twist uses a special gel formulation and a pinpoint applicator. The threadlocker can be placed exactly where needed, especially in vertical applications and hard to reach places, and will flow into threads.

The Gel Twist Threadlockers secure the fastener assembly against loosening from shock and vibration, meaning the fastener clamping forces are maintained and the threads are protected from corrosion.

There are two grades available: medium strength Threadlocker Blue Gel for where hand tool disassembly is required; and the higher strength Threadlocker Red Gel which requires special tools or heat for disassembly. The threadlockers are simple to use: just remove the cap; turn the dial to expose from 3mm to 6mm of material; apply to the fastener; and close the cap.


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