Fast cure adhesive

Dec 22, 2011 | Fasteners & adhesives

New from Intertronics is DYMAX OP-67-LS, a fast-cure opto-mechanical adhesive for the bonding of optical components, that cures in seconds. The low-shrink nature of the product is said to virtually eliminate movement during curing and subsequent thermal cycling. In addition, it offers the ability to ‘cure on demand’ with exposure to longwave UV and visible light, allowing maximum flexibility in positioning parts prior to cure.

As well as featuring 0.2% linear shrinkage upon cure, this offers moisture resistance, very low outgassing, and adhesion to a variety of substrates including metal, glass, ceramic and polycarbonate. Such benefits allow its use in many critical and demanding applications such as fibre-optic ‘V’ groove bonding, positioning laser diodes, fibre pig tailing, transceiver potting, VCSEL positioning and mounting active devices, or passive couplers, prisms and other optical device assemblies.


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