Fasteners for permanent joining

Dec 22, 2011 | Fasteners & adhesives

Two solutions for secure permanent joints have been released by Arnold Umformtechnik. The TriPress press-in fasteners, which can be produced in various versions and combinations, have shanks with a trilobar (triangular) cross-section. These are pressed into round core holes, which take on the trilobar shape of the fastener, producing a form-fit joint, which minimises pressing force.

After the shank is pressed in, the fastener has high resistance to stripping and pull-out. These are said to be especially suitable for pressing into ductile light metals and plastics.

The company has also introduced the LocTec screw system. This combines a special screw drive geometry with an assembly tool, which makes it impossible to loosen or remove the fasteners without destroying the joint. The drive recess integrated in the screw head allows the fastener to be screwed in using a matching tool, and also makes it impossible to loosen the screw after assembly.


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