Fire-retardant epoxy adhesives

Dec 22, 2011 | Fasteners & adhesives

Two fire-retardant epoxy adhesives have been launched by ITW Devcon. The IFR adhesives are white, two-part self extinguishing structural epoxy systems suitable for bonding metals, fabrics, ceramics, wood, vinyls and concrete for use in the aerospace, marine, electricity generation and rail industries.

These include a five minute working time version with a one hour cure time and a ten minute non-sagging version which cures in three hours. With the five minute version, the tensile lap shear strength is 11.9 MPa, and service temperature range is -40°C to +93°C. Both versions meet the requirements of FAR 25.853 [a] [60 Second Vertical Burn Test], FAR 25.853 [d] Smoke Density and BSS 7239 Toxicity of Combustion Gas – Flaming Mode UL 94 V-O.


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