Marine connectors for underwater environments

Dec 11, 2011 | Electrical & electronics

Developed for extremely harsh underwater environments, ITT Interconnect Solutions’ robust Marine Bronze connectors meet IP67 specifications when mated. These are manufactured from an aluminium-bronze alloy of iron, nickel, manganese and lead, making them extremely corrosion resistant.

There are three types available – CIR Marine Bronze Bayonet, VE-VS Marine Bronze Threaded which conforms to MIL-DTL-5015, and the VGE series (VG96929). Customised CIR Marine Bronze connectors are available for one-off applications.

Operating over a functional temperature range of -55°C to +125°C, the CIR Marine Bronze devices are offered in the same range of sizes and contact arrangements as standard CIR connectors and offer the same electrical characteristics. They are available with one to 159 poles and with cable sections ranging from 0.15 to 107mm².

CIR Marine Bronze Bayonet lock CIR interconnects are produced in accordance with NATO standard VG95234 and offer fast coupling/uncoupling with a ‘snap-in’ lock. Resistant to shock and vibration, the connectors are waterproof to 10m for up to 12 hours for classes with specified grommets and gaskets.

The VGE series high current connectors conform to the VG 96929 classification for the transmission of high power at a low voltage level. They have the same coupling features, mechanical data and panel mounting dimensions as ITT ICS standard CIR connectors. Applications include military field equipment, ships and other sea-going vessels.

MIL-DTL5015 VE-VS Marine Bronze Threaded interconnects are cylindrical multi-pole connectors with silver- or gold-plated copper alloy solder or crimp contacts.


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