Rubber mounts isolate machine noise and vibration

Jan 19, 2012 | Springs & shock absorbers

Reciprocating or rotating equipment such as petrol engines or electric motors produce vibration, however rubber anti-vibration mounts can be used to isolate noise and vibration on machines as varied as cutting machines and process equipment, or washers and commercial vehicles. Legislation also requires ever stricter noise control and operator comfort, ensuring that vibration isolation is something virtually all machine builders need to consider.

To help, WDS is offering natural rubber bonded anti-vibration mounts comprising six different types in various diameters, lengths, shapes and thread sizes – in total there are 63 different products.

Each of the six product lines conforms to differing shapes and sizes; including cylindrical bobbin mount, cylindrical bobbin cushion stop and conical shape stop. According to the company, the range offers the most popular sizes and performance characteristics with a wide choice of optional threads and fitments, ensuring that customers can find the right product to suit their application rather than having to design around what is available.

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