Rockwell Automation has introduced the Allen-Bradley ArmorStart LT distributed motor controller family, enabling machine builders to offer a compact distributed motor controller that easily installs on the machine without an enclosure, and quickly connects to the enterprise network.

Suitable for coordinating conveyor motor systems used in material handling and packaging applications and other types of warehouse distribution systems, these provide the advantages of On-Machine architecture – a pre-engineered system that helps simplify wiring, speeds up commissioning time and reduces the need for extra cabinet space.

ArmorStart LT with EtherNet/IP connectivity improves the exchange of critical information about machine performance and component health, while allowing operators to access parameters, status and diagnostics, regardless of location.

Installation is simplified by the distributed motor controllers’ dual-port EtherNet/IP switch technology, which supports DLR network topology. Users can create a single DLR network that connects all components at the device level locally. Information can be seamlessly communicated in real time to various levels of an organisation.

The distributed motor controllers include an add-on profile for Rockwell Software RSLogix 5000 software. The add-on profile’s automatic, predefined tag names provide manufacturers with a common language that can help improve consistency, and programming speed and efficiency. The controllers also support a transparent clock to synchronise motor devices on an EtherNet/IP architecture, accommodating for delays introduced by other devices on the network; and they contain a standard, local disconnect feature that allows operators to turn off the motor and perform lockout tagout procedures during maintenance.

Rockwell Automation