Experiencing an unacceptable increase in the mean-time to failure rate on the gearbox on its starch reclamation tanks, with four failures in 12 months, a major snack food manufacturer turned to SEW Eurodrive for a solution.

The tank receives water laden with starch from three production lines processing 3.5 tonnes of potatoes an hour. The food-grade starch is then reclaimed from the water and used in the production of snack foods.

The motor and gearbox arrangement sits on top of the tank driving a vertical paddle shaft that descends into the vessel containing the water and starch solution, typically recycling over 2000 cubic metres of water a week.

To help, SEW Eurodrive’s engineers installed a new system incorporating a RM in-line helical agitator drive. This has an extended output bearing hub, for excessive overhung loads, to prevent any sideways movement of the paddle shaft during start-up and operation. A new rigid fastening system was also designed to secure the drive system on top of the tank to prevent movement.

According to the company, the new drive solution has been operating trouble-free since installation.

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