Inmoco has introduced the Kollmorgen VLM range, which covers the torque range 0.5 Nm to 16 Nm (peak) and provides a motion solution that is suitable for a wide range of applications with mid-performance requirements – such as various kinds of handling, transport applications, low performance cut-to-length applications, rotary knife, machine tool change, etc.

These motors are based on carefully selected components including flying leads to eliminate the cost of sourcing cables separately, and are suitable for use with many competitively priced feedback devices, states the company.

The VLM motors complement Inmoco’s other servomotor offerings, such as the high-performance Kollmorgen AKM(TM) servomotor to complete a price/performance offering from which users can select an optimal solution. Performance is between AKM and stepper, asynchronous motors.

With 12 standard windings, VLM servomotors are offered in most popular motor sizes and have options for both NEMA and Metric mounting. There is a choice of shaft configurations plus further user-selectable options, allowing a motor to be specified for easy integration into the host machines and systems.

Rated speed is up to 6000 rpm operating at 160/320 VDC or 120/240 VAC, and the VLM servomotors deliver up to 4.53Nm continuous torque (16Nm peak). Frame size options are NEMA 23 and 34 (60mm and 90mm). Protection is to IP40, the VLM is RoHS compliant, CE and UL approved (with cUL pending). The alternatives for feedback include SFD, resolver, 2048 ppr comcoder and Hall sensors.