A simple solution

Jun 7, 2012 | Fasteners & adhesives

Ford Components Manufacturing’s ‘edgepeel’ laminated metal shim pack products are provided for specific customer requirements and are quickly and easily selected at the point of assembly. These thin steel shims are normally held together by their oil coating, but when a more robust solution was needed, Intertronics supplied its DYMAX Multi-Cure 6-621 and a Fisnar adhesive dispenser.

The system, which is designed to provide excellent bonding onto metal with easy dispensing and fast UV/visible light cure, was tested on the oil coated laminate steel shims.

This proved successful due to the extremely tiny bond line achieved on the edge of the shims, and by the presence of an oil coating – the two factors combining to enable just the right level of adhesion.

In this case the use of a single part, quick cure, high performance adhesive at the margin of normal conditions overcame the presence of oil on a minimal bond area to provide exactly what was needed.


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