Additive-X, a leading provider of 3D printing technology and solutions in the UK, is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Bambu Lab, the pioneers behind the ground-breaking AI-powered X1 Series 3D printers. The X1 Series will be available for the first time to customers in the United Kingdom through Additive-X.

The Bambu Lab X1 Series represents a leap forward in 3D printing technology, powered by a dedicated Neural Processing Unit and the industry’s first lidar with a 7 μm resolution. The X1 Series printers can print up to 16 colours/engineering materials, achieve an acceleration of 20,000 mm/s2 and a speed of 500 mm/s, and autonomously fine-tune several printing parameters.

“Working with Bambu Lab to introduce the X1 Series to our customers aligns perfectly with our ethos at Additive-X: to provide cutting-edge 3D printing solutions that truly transform the way our customers create,” said Joanna Young, founder of Additive-X. “This partnership marks an important step in our growth strategy and in driving the adoption of high-tech, eco-efficient desktop 3D printing in the UK market.”

The X1 Series stands out for its high-speed printing and smooth finishing, offering automated features such as spaghetti detection, first layer inspection, bed levelling, and vibration compensation. Its eco-efficient design, which significantly reduces carbon emissions and plastic waste, also marks a major contribution towards sustainable innovation in the industry.

“We are thrilled to have Additive-X as our partner in the UK. Their reputation for delivering high-quality additive manufacturing solutions and excellent customer service make them an ideal partner,” said Cedric Mallet, Business Development Director of Bambu Lab. “We believe that our X1 Series and the P1P, paired with the expertise and service from Additive-X, will provide UK customers with a truly great 3D printing experience.”

Both the X1 Series and the P1P will be available through Additive-X’s online platform, supplied from stock in their UK warehouse. The company will also provide comprehensive customer support and services for the new product line.