On offshore oil and gas exploration rigs, tension control of the anchor cables is critical to stability. So when winch manufacturer Broehl Maschinenfabrik needed water cooled brakes and clutches for one of its anchor handling winch projects on a rig, it turned to Industrial Clutch Parts (ICP).

To meet requirements, the company delivered a batch of 24in WPT POWER WCC water cooled clutches within a very small delivery window as the first batch of storage winches were located in the bottom structure of the rig and needed to be installed at the start of the construction programme.

The clutch design was configured for optimum output torque and slipping performance to deliver the necessary tension control in the anchor winch cables.

The anchor handling winch is designed with a WPT POWER 24in clutch to provide variable torque and high heat dissipation capacity in constant slipping applications. This is protected against saltwater corrosion and is airtube actuated for sensitive torque control.

In the second part of the contract ICP supplied a batch of WPT POWER 36in WCB Water Cooled Brakes for the anchor cable traction winches.