Antivibration dampers for motors

Aug 1, 2012 | Springs & shock absorbers

A wide variety of applications including medical equipment, analytical instruments, security camera control and engraving machines suffer from noise or vibration generated by the small motors used. A solution, however, can be to insert a damper between the motor and its mount.

As a result, Astrosyn International Technology offers a range of lightweight yet robust antivibration dampers for small flange-mounted industrial motors. These energy-absorbing rubber mounts with a metal mounting face are available in NEMA motor frame sizes 16, 17, 22 and 23. These have a 6mm profile for the smaller sizes and 10mm for the larger ones, enabling them to be retrofitted to existing motors with standard shaft lengths. Central access holes 22mm in diameter for the smaller sizes and 40mm for the larger models are large enough to accommodate a spigot and gear or pulley. The dampers can be bolted directly onto the motor flange. Threaded mounting holes are provided on the damper’s mounting face.

Astrosyn International Technology

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