Spirol Industries has developed technology to install miniature pins with a diameter less than 1.5mm automatically.  This dispenses with manual installation that can be a tedious and time consuming process, involving the use of a magnifying glass and very small tools.  What is more, scrap rates are often in excess of 10% due to pin damage during unsuccessful installation attempts.

The advantages of Spirol’s Pin Installation technology have been demonstrated with a surgical tool manufacturer looking to review an installation process for an assembly. This required a 0.8mm diameter stainless steel solid pin to affix a nylon cylinder to a shaft.  The assembly consisted of an outer tube, inside of which was a smaller hollow shaft and inside that was a solid rod.

During the installation process, the pin had to negotiate from one side of the cylinder to the other, through all components of the assembly and the tolerances were extremely tight.  Spirol’s challenge was to provide an installation solution that eliminated manual handling of the pin while providing repeatable, quality installations.  A PR semi-automatic pin insertion machine was therefore installed.  A highly polished, precisely tooled vibratory feed bowl was provided to deliver the pins to the retractable insertion head one at a time and place them into ‘ready position’ for installation.

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