New from Atmel is the maXTouch family of controllers for 5in to 10in automotive touchscreens and touchpads for use in centre stack displays, navigation systems, radio human-machine interfaces (HMIs) and rear-seat entertainment systems. The mXT768E and mXT540E devices are fully automotive-qualified (Grade 2, AEC-Q100-compliant), support a temperature range from -40 to +105°C and provide dedicated embedded functionality that meets automotive design requirements.

With these, designers can use single-layer sensors instead of dual or even triple layers, and they provide superior noise immunity, eliminating the need for shields, states the company. This, in turn, enables single-layer sensor designs for thinner stacks, which reduces system complexity, lowers cost and power consumption, and results in higher product yield during automotive systems production.

Of additional benefit, the high signal-to-noise ratio of 80:1 of the devices makes them suitable for very noisy environments and they provide full support for gloved hand operation on automotive touchscreens.

Both also embed single- and dual-touch gesture calculation as well as post-processing algorithms which eliminate unintended touches. Users can perform multi-touch gestures (pinch, stretch, etc.), while unintended touches such as a resting hand on the screen are classified and rejected. These functionalities bring the smartphone experience into contemporary cars.