Following in-house development, the ABEG eXtreme series deep-groove ball bearings from Findling Waelzlager are suitable for high-speed applications and can attain longer service lives as a result of their low self-heat generation.

The eXtreme range is available for four different fields: Xforce for heavy-duty applications, Xspeed for high-speed applications, Xtemp for temperature stability under extremely hot and cold conditions, and Xclean for washdown and/or clean-room applications.

The Xspeed products, for example, are based on standard deep-groove ball bearings in the super precision range, and the equipment components, lubrication and seals relevant to their service life have been optimised to meet the requirements of high-speed applications.

A special, highly purified, viscous and low-noise lubrication with excellent start-up performance qualities ensures optimum operating conditions at top speeds, claims the company. High-performance grease is used for a temperature range of -40 to +150°C; and bearings with a clearance of C3 are fitted with an extremely purified high temperature grease suitable for temperatures of up to +180°C. Products in the Xspeed series are designed for applications such as electric motors, pumps and compressors, ventilators, rotary encoders, air-conditioning units, household appliances and office technology.