Bonding dissimilar materials

Dec 22, 2011 | Fasteners & adhesives

Composite bonders for assembling dissimilar materials are now available in Huntsman Advanced Materials’ Araldite range.

There is the high strength composite bonder Araldite AW 4858/Hardener HW 4858; and the highly temperature resistant AW 4859/Hardener HW 4859. These are both epoxy based adhesives that are available in cartridges and display lap shear strengths up to 40Mpa on composite parts.

There is also a pair of silane modified polymers, one component, moisture curing adhesives – Araldite 2060 and 2061. The latter is black.

Araldite 2048 is a methacrylate based adhesive for bonding untreated composite parts. According to the company, in contrast to high strength epoxies, this product is more balanced in terms of strength and flexibility, and performs well on surfaces that are difficult to bond.

Bodo Wixmerten, technology manager, commented: “Adhesives have numerous advantages over mechanical joining techniques. This becomes even more obvious when it comes to the assembly of dissimilar substrates as well as lightweight composite parts. Bonding allows a uniform distribution of strain and stresses across the joint, which makes it the ideal technique to join composites of different constitution.”


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