Eurobond Adhesives Ltd specialise is supplying 1 and 2-part high performance structural adhesives, adhesive tapes, bespoke die cut tapes, instant adhesives and UV light curing adhesives. Our range of Penloc® adhesives will bond most metals, plastics, modern composites, glass, wood, stone, granite, corian, ceramics and many more materials besides in just a few minutes. They can tolerate different rates of thermal expansion from differing substrates and other grades can tolerate powder coating temperatures of 180°C after being bonded.  Penloc 1:1 for example, is a high performance adhesive withstanding temperatures of -55°C to +125°C. Typical Penloc® adhesive applications include bonding/fabricating decorative architectural metalwork, balustrades, stainless steel cooker hoods, lift car and escalator fabrication or refurbishment, vehicle bodies, stiffener panels, 19” racking and door kick plates. It is also ideal for bonding decorative finished materials such as brushed stainless steel or brushed aluminium. Traditionally, welding these materials will leave burn marks or indentations that require linishing and rework that all cost additional time and money.

Penloc® 1-1R is a unique non-odour and non-flammable structural adhesive and is ideal for use in confined work spaces or poorly ventilated areas or indeed on site work that might restrict the use of flammable materials. Penloc® adhesives from ‘Eurobond Adhesives Ltd’ will cure to a handling strength in just 3 to 5 minutes leaving you free to carry on with other work and will fully cure in one hour. Typical tensile shear strength values of 276 Kg/cm² can be achieved when bonding steel and 224Kg/cm² on aluminium.

We are also specialist suppliers of high performance foamed acrylic adhesive tapes. These can be supplied on a roll length or as bespoke die-cut shapes that fit exactly your application and give an even bond line thickness throughout the design improving finished product quality.

Adhesive tapes can offer the designer huge flexibility and the production manager is kept happy too by having a more efficient production operation. Our tape range includes low surface energy tapes for difficult to bond plastics, very high strength tapes used in automotive applications, low temperature tapes, clear tapes for products that require an invisible bond line and may include applications such as manufacturing solar panels, acrylic furniture or commercial signage.

We offer next day delivery on 99% of our products, free evaluations of your project/application, free product demonstrations/evaluations and free training in the use of all our products.

For advice on a specific application or, for more information on our range of products please contact our team.

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