New from Inmoco is the Kollmorgen KBM series of frameless brushless servo motors, a cost-effective, compact solution to achieving positional accuracy. According to the company, these deliver optimised torque, power and speed in a range that encompasses 14 frame sizes, from 60mm to 825mm in diameter, for 240V AC or 480V AC operation. Additional motor windings can be provided.

Each frame size is available with up to three or four stack lengths, and the motors feature fully encapsulated stator windings for thermal and environmental performance. Internal windings are rated for continuous duty operation up to 155°C. These have rare-earth high-performance magnets providing continuous torque from 1.45 Nm to 3445 Nm, peak torque from 4.91 Nm to 12,812 Nm, across the power range from 550W to 18.5KW and speed range from 105rpm up to 18,600rpm.

There is also a feature that enables the rotor hub dimensions of the motors to be customised.


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