A new compact production line has been developed by Bosch Packaging Technology that enables high quality chewy candy to be cost-effectively and rapidly produced. The line, explains the company, eliminates the energy intensive cooking stage and need for intermediate storage during crystallisation.

The use of the BDK 2000 A continuous dosing and mixing unit enables the line to produce a sugar-glucose syrup-solution without the addition of water.

The unit’s integrated TurboMixx mixing system produces a homogeneous mix by dissolving the sugar into the glucose syrup. For the utmost in dosing precision it features a gravimetric system with load cells and a flow meter.

The subsequent dissolving process in the Rapidsolver heat exchanger guarantees a crystal-free solution, which also allows production to be stopped and started without product loss. The mass is heated by flowing around a pipe bundle containing steam. As the required moisture level is already reached after dissolving, cooking is not necessary to reduce water content. Gelatine or other gelling agents can be gently added after the dissolving process.

The BZK 1000 B crystalliser, meanwhile, allows for rapid inline crystallisation, eliminating the need for interim storage, avoiding lengthy storage times and reducing manual labour requirements.