Following the addition of a new iPro 8000 from 3D Systems, CRDM states that it can now build the largest SLA parts in the country.

According to the company, it can now give customers a build base of 650mm x 750mm and a build height of 550mm – a surface area eight times larger than the commonly used SLA250 platform.

Barry Assheton, CRDM’s sales director, said: “The benefits of being able to create parts of this size will apply across any industry – from automotive and aerospace to consumer products, the applications are limitless. We’re already using the machine to create parts that other machines in the RP industry aren’t capable of producing, and our customers are excited about the possibilities the larger build base offers them.”

The highly productive iPro 8000 enables users to economically produce extra large plastic parts with the precision and quality usually associated with CNC-machined parts.

“As well as being able to build their large parts in one piece, customers who previously scaled down their designs are now able to bring them to life at full size,” Assheton added.

Parts manufactured using the iPro 8000 are created with no seams or joins which offers not only an aesthetic benefit but also greater accuracy and increased strength.