Manufactured from aluminium alloy, Birtcher’s conduction-cooling assemblies (CCAs) are said to be suitable for defence and aerospace industries, as well as transportation and industrial systems.

Available from sister company Schroff, these have been designed specifically for use in VPX, VME and CompactPCI systems. As well as removing the heat from PCBs where convection alone is insufficient, the CCA devices also provide mechanical support for the boards to enable them to withstand conditions of severe shock or vibration.

These are available in 3U and 6U sizes in a choice of configurations compatible with VPX, VME/VME64x and CompactPCI boards; and can accommodate and cool ccPMC or XMC mezzanine cards. With the CCA attached, the heat generated by the electronic components on a PCB is transferred through the board to the CCA frame and then on to the chassis.


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