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May 9, 2013 | Cables & connectors

With over 30 years of experience,  Escha now offers 750 different cable types and 2000 different connectors as standard, enabling it to respond quickly to customer demands.

Although primarily designed for aircraft equipment back in the 1930s, by 1940 the circular multipin connector was being used by virtually every aircraft builder, the Army and the Navy.

Connectors facilitated independent production of modular equipment. Factories could build identical parts at faster rates of production, while other factories could build the wiring looms terminated in multipin connectors. Installation was then a simple task of bolting the modules to the framework and attaching the connectors – previously, a skilled electrician would spend days with detailed schematics connecting each individual wire.  With each part tested before it left the factory, wiring faults could be eliminated. Furthermore, damaged or faulty equipment could be swapped in the field in minutes.


Increased efficiency

As car production became more automated in the 80s and 90s and the range of options within a single make and model of car increased, a single production line was required to produce multiple body styles, etc. To achieve this, frequent tooling changes were required, so the automotive industry looked to the military solution utilising multipin connectors on all their tooling.

While efficient, with continuous single line production a single faulty part could stop the whole line, this resulted in connectors being fitted to small components including sensors.

Adding a connector to low cost items increases the cost as cordsets have to be purchased with them however the resultant savings from faster tool changes and reduced downtime are far greater than the increased cost.

Many industries demand special cable properties so the cable can survive the environment in which it is placed. Food and Beverage require sealing to IP69k, PVC free, -40 to +105°C and all stainless steel hardware.  The Automotive industry has many requirements, weld-field immune, drag-chain adapted, halogen – silicon free, chemical – oil resistant, flame immune and dust – waterproof to IP67. The wind power industry demand 360° shielding even at the highest mechanical stresses, halogen free, oil resistant, flame retardant and IP69K.

Separating the cordset from the sensor facilitates the use of specialised cable whilst using a standard sensor, eliminating long build times and high prices for specialised sensors.


Reliable solutions

Over 30 years in the cable and connector industry, Escha has built a reputation for quality and reliability while being able to respond rapidly to individual customer demands. The company offers 750 different cable types and 2000 different connectors as standard.

Designs are also shared with the two other tool shops in the Turck group, trebling the design capacity but reducing the design time as similar products have often been produced before but at a different location.

The company can also produce wiring looms for almost every situation, having, for example producted a 150°C connector for high temperature applications; and has a dual-component shielding system able to withstand the extreme conditions found in wind farm applications. In fact the company now produces 3.5 million connectors per year.


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