Eaton’s easy800 family is being extended with two new devices which offer the features of the easy800 control relay with Smart Wire-DT. Instead of connecting the switching device inputs and outputs to the controller in the conventional manner, the devices are connected to Smart Wire-DT (SW-DT), the company’s connection and communication technology. Up to 99 SW-DT slaves with over 160 inputs/outputs can be connected to the devices for the control of small or medium-sized machines. Both devices feature a serial interface for programming or connecting a remote display.

The EASY802-DC-SWD device, is provided with two power supply inputs: POW for supplying the device and the SW-DT slaves, and AUX for the 24V DC supply of connected contactors. The function blocks provided by easy800 are also available.

The EASY806-DC-SWD, meanwhile, has all the functions of the standard device but also includes four digital inputs (24V DC), used for high-speed counter functions. This has a wide application range.


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