Pennine Industrial has been involved in the supply of Conveyor Components and Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE) Extrusions to the material handling and OEM machine building sectors for over 25 years. The company’s growth has been built around three main areas…

Having been involved with the supply of Conveyor Components and Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Extrusions (UHMW-PE) for over 25 years, Pennine Industrial currently has a large customer base made up from large and small OEM’s through to the end users. In addition, Pennine Industrial supplies many household names in the food manufacturing and Food  processing sectors. 

For the last 25 years Pennine’s growth has been built around three main areas: UHMW-PE Extruded Wear Strips & Guide Rails, Custom Made Plastic Components, Chain & Belt Guides and now more recently the new range of Conveyor Components, which include Brackets and Positioning Components, a large range of Plastic and Steel Adjustable Feet, and various sizes and shapes of Threaded Tube Inserts. Pennine can also now supply a full range of plastic bearing supports in both two bolt and four bolt design. All components in the new range are either machined or moulded from quality materials to ensure high quality products which are both strong and reliable.

Extruded profiles

Pennine Industrial offers 1000 grade UHMW-PE and Food Grade lubricated Extruded Profiles. It specialises in wear resistant extruded profiles – the UHMW-PE extrusions, for example, have outstanding resistance to impact and an excellent combination of physical and mechanical properties. These are also food approved for direct contact and highly resistant to corrosion in chemically active environments.

Over 60 standard Extruded Profiles are currently held in the warehouse in Yorkshire, all of which can be dispatched, in most cases, on the same day the order is placed. A number of the above extruded profiles can also be offered in a lubricated UHMW-PE. This material is ideal for the higher speed higher friction applications. Standard grades of UHMW-PE are suitable only up to about 30m/min but lubricated grades can work at speeds up to 152m/min in the correct applications. During operation, an oil film is generated on the surface of the material and this can significantly reduce friction by up to 50%. The result is reduced noise levels and a much longer life for both the part manufactured from this material or the chains, belts or other surfaces which come into contact with the lubricated UHMW-PE. 

Pennine also holds in stock a range of 304 Stainless Steel backed UHMW-PE Guide Rails ready to use with a range of clamps and brackets. Or, the customer can select from aluminium guide rail supports, all of which are made from rugged high quality aluminium and are available either separately or supplied with a choice of slide-in 1000 grade UHMW-PE wear strips.

Please contact our sales department or send an e-mail for either individual product catalogues or a full set showing all Pennine Industrial’s ranges of:

  • New Conveyor Components
  • Custom Made Plastic Machined Components            
  • Semi Finished Rod and Sheet
  • Chain and Belt Guides or Supports
  • The Full Range of UHMW-PE Guide- rails and Wear strips
  • Plastic Rollers

Pennine Industrial

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Feet and threaded inserts

Brackets & positioning Components

Support bases and connection joints

Plastic bearing supports

– 100% complete plastic feet

– 100% stainless steel feet

– Articulated feet with polyamide bases

– Nickel plated feet

– Spindle in stainless and zinc plated steel

– Thread sizes M8, M10, M12, M16, M20, M24

– Guide rail brackets to suit M12, M14, M16 rods

– Single and double guide rail clamps

– Male and female star knobs

– Selection of bracket heads in plastic and stainless steel

– Tripod support bases

– With zinc plated/stainless steel hardware

– Connection joints

– Bearing support heads

– Side mount top brackets

– 120º, 180º Bipod support bases

– Square flanged bearing supports

– Oval flanged bearing supports

– Closed and open sealed covers

– Chrome steel bearing standard

– AISI 420 stainless steel bearing available