Cylindrical in shape, Pansonic Electric Works’ CY-100 photoelectric sensor series is suitable for use in industrial environments.

The user can choose from four types: thru-beam type with a sensing distance of up to 15m; retroreflective type with a sensing distance of up to 4m; retroreflective type with polarization filter and a sensing distance of up to 2m; and diffuse reflective types with sensing distances of up to 100mm or 600mm.

Features include an M18 male thread for quick mounting, and they are available with a cable or M12 plug-in connector. They have an operating voltage of 12 – 24V DC and a short-circuit proof PNP or NPN transistor output. They are enclosed in a robust PBT housing with IP67 protection and have integrated status LEDs.

Applications include sorting, counting and palletizing while monitoring production and packaging lines, and position and liquid level control of transparent containers in the beverage and filling industry.

Panasonic Electric Works