Altair ProductDesign  is partnering with Edison2 to assist in the design of the new Very Light Car 4.0 (VLC 4.0), the next generation version of the lightweight, fuel efficient vehicle entered in the Progressive Automotive XPRIZE in 2010.

According to the company, the VLC 4.0 is an all-new vehicle that will achieve unmatched fuel economy results by retaining the same attributes of ultra-light weight and extremely low aerodynamic drag in a four-passenger vehicle.

Altair ProductDesign will conduct a three-phase engineering study targeting suspension sensitivity, vehicle impact strategy and structural optimisation. It will provide computer-aided engineering optimisation and crash-safety engineers, multi-body dynamics engineers, subject-matter experts and senior technical specialists. They will assist the Edison2 team in executing each of the study’s three phases and accelerating the development of the prototype for the VLC 4.0.

Other work with the Edison2 team will analyse ride and handling, steering sensitivity and noise-vibration-harshness (NVH).