A new desktop 3D scanner has been announced by start-up company, CADScan, following a funding round on Kickstarter.

The CADScan 3D, which costs around £650, can generate a watertight mesh, suitable for use with a 3D printer at the push of a button – all without the need for calibration, training or post processing.

“Our scanner fills a clear gap in the market, with CADScan 3D you simply put your object on the scanner’s turntable and the CADScan 3D does the rest,” said Alastair Buchanan, co-founder of CADScan. “With the CADScan 3D we want to bring quality 3D scanning within the reach of professionals and hobbyists alike. There are millions of engineers and designers worldwide who want an affordable means of turning physical objects into 3D models – with CADScan 3D we believe will meet that need.”

The CADScan 3D Kickstarter campaign launched on 12 February, backers of the campaign can choose a range of rewards including limited edition versions of the scanner.

“Our current focus is on getting production units ready to ship,” said Buchanan.

The scanner can accept objects of up to 25cm x 25cm x 25cm. Scans take approximately five minutes to complete and accuracy of scanning depends upon the distance of the object from the imaging unit. The resolution at the centre of the scanner’s turntable is 0.2mm and improves with larger objects.
Prior to general availability of the CADScan 3D, a limited initial production run of the scanners is available to backers of the Kickstarter project for a pledge of £649.

The CADScan 3D project can be found on Kickstarter at http://bit.ly/desktop3dscanner