New to Inmoco’s Elmo Drum line of digital servo drives is Gold Drum HV, a 100A/800V, high-power, super compact, direct-to-mains drive, designed for the highest level of motion control application requirements.

Extending the power output of the range from 62kW up to 65kW, the new model also introduces advanced features including sophisticated networking, built-in safety and high power density. These are combined with a fully featured motion controller and local intelligence capability.

According to the company, when used in conjunction with Elmo’s Gold Maestro motion controller, state-of-the-art solutions for the most challenging multi-axis motion applications can be easily implemented with a short development cycle. To enhance dynamic performance and match demanding applications’ advanced tuning, filtering and gain scheduling options are provided as standard.

In addition, networking is deterministic and based on either EtherCAT or CANopen, with set up and tuning made easy through the use of software tools available in the Elmo Application Studio.


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