As its TwinPower actuation technology increases power density in solenoid valves by means of two coils, Bürkert has used this design in its new types 6624 and 6626 media-separated, miniature solenoid valves. As a result, the valves are more compact without any loss of performance.

The valves have pulse-and-hold electronics, reducing energy consumption by 75%, 100ms after switching on. This also reduces heat emission. In addition, the surface-to-volume ratio of the valves is optimised to enable the coils to release heat into the surrounding atmosphere far more quickly than could previously be achieved. An LED in the valve top shows the valve switching status.

Both the 6624 and 6626 are direct acting solenoid valves. The 6624 is suitable for use with aggressive media in the range from vacuum to 2bar. Available in 2/2-way and 3/2-way versions, the 6624 offers the advantage of minimal dimensions: width per station being just 10mm, with nominal orifice DN 1.6. Data for the type 6626 rocker solenoid valve will be available shortly.

The valves have been designed mainly for use in the areas of life science, clinical diagnostics, medical technology, and environmental analysis.