Autotec will be exhibiting their Engineering Base software which is an easy to use,  but powerful solution for electrical engineering design making it ideal for Factory, Machine, Process Plant Electrical Design,  and  Maintenance applications.  Based around familiar Microsoft Products such as Visio and SQL Data server, it makes new designs, or documenting maintenance changes, extremely simple without the usual expertise and training required for a CAD system. It is an enterprise based solution automatically generating worksheets such as Bill of material, cabling schedules, IO lists, and terminal diagrams as the project is created. These can be exported to excel. Engineering Base can justify its purchase in time savings, productivity,  and quality of documentation.

A Branch Solution called Engineering Base Instrumentation is available for the Process Industries having a library of Plant Items such as Tanks, Valves and Sensors with the ability to show PID Control Loops.   

A 60 day free trial version is available.

Aucotec Ltd.

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