Now available from Heason Technology are Delta Tau’s Geo Brick LV family of packaged eight-axis motion and machine controllers. The Geo Brick LV and the LV-PC, a 19” rack mount version, are supplied with eight user configurable 250W drives for linear or rotary brushed and brushless servos, ceramic motors or stepper motors in any mix.

In addition, a comprehensive selection of fieldbus and communications options, expandable machine I/O and the PMAC multi-axis motion control engine, make the product a flexible motion controller for applications where a combination of motor technologies is required.

Product flexibility can be increased for up to 16-axes of motion control using the company’s fibre optic interface port (MACRO), and higher power third-party servo amplifiers and stepper drives from the company’s manufacturing partners can be accommodated using on-board analogue outputs or with pulse and direction control from digital I/O.

The motion control capability of the products range from simple single axis point to point motion to extremely complex multi-axis motion incorporating forward and inverse kinematics calculations with advanced math capability. The powerful multi-tasking motion controller includes 64 user PLCs for asynchronous tasking and two high speed PLCs that run at servo cycle speeds for tightly synchronised electronic gearbox applications.