Designed to efficiently remove soluble, biodegradable, organic materials from sewage, Rotating Biological Contactors (RBC) are used as a secondary treatment after grit and other solubles have been removed. They consist of a series of parallel discs mounted on a rotating shaft, and microorganisms grow on the surface of these – with each RBC having up to six modules of 4-6 discs which rotate at 1-2rpm to assure proper growth of biological film. When water levels rise it is common that the shaft and bearings become fully submerged by the effluent. But with the bearings used on these failing sometimes in a matter of months, the manufacturer turned to Revolvo which suggested its SRB split roller bearings. Well proven in many water treatment applications, these have a sealing solution that allows the bearings to operate in fully submerged conditions for over five years with no more maintenance than standard regreasing required.

Of additional benefit, the SRB bearing is split to the shaft, which allows for complete bearing removal and replacement by simply supporting the shaft. Furthermore, these have a spherical location between the housing and pedestal support, ensuring that under conditions of shaft misalignment the bearing will always remain

concentric to the shaft. As a result, Revolvo is able to ensure that its seals won’t fail; making SRB split roller bearings suitable for the harsh operating conditions found in RBCs.


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