Three new stainless steel enclosures – standard, compact and protective roof – have been introduced by Hansford Sensors for different industrial environments and process conditions where vibration measurement is required. According to the company, these provide the facility for data collection from remote points in conditions where readings need to be taken with a portable data collector. 

The HS-SC Series Compact Enclosure is designed for applications where space is limited, while the HS-SR Enclosure with Sloping Roof protects against dusty and dirty environments by allowing run-off of contamination. The enclosures provide a common point to terminate up to 100 accelerometers in situations where, for reasons of health and safety, engineers cannot get access to the machinery to take a reading. They are sealed to IP66 and can also be used in hygiene-critical applications.

 The enclosures support the company’s complete range of industrial accelerometers. 

Hansford Sensors