Permabond Engineering Adhesives has launched its “Engineers Guide to Adhesives” which is free to download for iPhone and Android platforms.  This engineers’ guide gives helpful, impartial advice about:

  • Different types of adhesives, their pros and cons
  • Joint design – how to optimise the strength and performance of your joint
  • Surface preparation of many different metals, plastics and other materials and compatibility of different adhesive chemistries with different substrates
  • Chemical compatibility of adhesives and temperature resistance of different adhesive technologies
  • A conversion tool which calculates length, weight, pressure, volume and temperature at the press of a button
  • A helpful glossary of technical terms
  • Sums to help calculate how much adhesive you would require for a job

To download, simply scan our QR codes, visit the link on or websites or type Permabond into application search for iPhone or Android.