When developing its ‘BLOB’ series of enclosures, OKW set out to create a different style of housing that would employ touch and feel to impart the functionality of the electronics. The forms employed had to be suitable for a wide range of users with different hand sizes and grasping volumes.

As a result, when held, the user’s fingers naturally rest in the control area, enabling them to understand how to use the electronics without instructions. Keypads and controls can be easily located in these areas.

There are three types available. The handheld ‘UNIT’ version has external dimensions of 130 x 60

x 30mm, a lower grasp area and a recessed keypad/control section. It is suitable for left or right handed operation.

The 114 x 76 x 31mm ‘CONTROL’ version can be held with one hand and operated with the other. Depending on the position and definition of the display and operating area, different sensory gripping options are available.

The ‘PANEL’ model is designed for handheld or desktop operation and has external dimensions of 200 x 165 x 36mm. This model can be held and operated with both hands or operated on a tabletop. The two symmetrically positioned gripping areas clearly demonstrate the orientation of the product.


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