Sensing Technology 2012 is taking place on 25-26th September, and its co-location with a number of other events will offer much more to visitors.

In Autumn 2010, a new exhibition was launched into the UK. Developed in response to demand, Sensing Technology covered all aspects of sensors and their related technologies. The 2010 event – and the one the following year – was a great success.

This year, however, there are two exciting developments:

• Sensing Technology 2012 will cover more than just sensors, having been opened up to suppliers of all types of instrumentation, including test and measurement equipment.

• The event will take place in Hall 3 of the NEC, and will be co-located with MM, MEMS and NANO, with Mediplas and TCT Live in Hall 3a – organised by Rapid News (

Commenting on this, Duncan Wood, managing director – Events, at Rapid News Communications, said: “We have been co-locating our own shows for a number of years – this year we have TCT Live, MM Live, NANO Live, MEMS Live and Mediplas all taking place at the NEC. Given that Sensing Technology operates in a similar week it made sense for us to invite the co-location. We see great synergies between Datateam and Rapid News and also between Sensing and our 2012 group of events, and we look forward to delivering yet another successful event for UK engineering and manufacturing in partnership.”

The co-location

Having Sensing Technology co-located with a number of other shows will enable visitors to see many new technologies all in the one place.

Wood said: “Training and travel budgets are under ever increasing pressure, and it is harder to entice engineers to leave their offices. The more reasons you can present to encourage them to leave their desks the better, and a group of complimentary shows is a proven route to doing this.”

 Andy Mangell, managing director of Bronkhorst, a company which wants to build on the success of the 2011 event, added: “For Bronkhorst, with such a broad customer base across virtually all aspects of industry, the prospect of being able to share our transferable knowledge is exciting. Sometimes the basic requirements of the electronics, food, medical and pharmaceutical industries can be remarkably similar, even if they end up being packaged slightly differently. The need for commercially competitive, quality, long-life product solutions crosses many industry boundaries and I believe Sensing Technology 2012 can bring many of them together all in one place.”

Dedicated events

Events dedicated to specific product areas and technologies are essential in the current economic climate.

Wood commented: “There is no substitute for live events, and this is even more important when dealing with rapidly developing technologies. The best way to learn, evaluate and make purchase decisions is by interacting in a live environment. Proof positive of this is steady growth in exhibitors and visitors across all our events year on year, even during trying economic times.”

Burkert Fluid Control Systems looked into several options before booking a stand, and decided Sensing Technology made the most sense in terms of a dedicated theme and expected audience.

Mangell, meanwhile, added: “Within Europe as a whole the exhibition programme has been largely taken over by the huge, multi-hall events within Germany. Whilst they certainly have their place, they do not always cater to the specific requirements of UK industry, nor the constraints on international travel often placed on academia or small to medium sized enterprises. Having the right number of exhibitors, all experts within their field, at the centre of the transport network, ensures that UK businesses can achieve their objectives within just a single day, being able to devote more time to actual discussion and with significantly reduced costs.”

Helen Christopher, marketing manager at Burkert, said: “Visitors will know they can access information specific to their needs, and likewise exhibitors will see contacts who are relevant and are interested in their products and services.”

A wider range of products

Opening up Sensing Technology to other instrumentation product areas will provide much more for the visitor. The event will cover a much wider product area – ranging from sensors to measurement systems, calibrators to analysis technology.

Mangell commented: “Whilst an industrial exhibition is, of course, all about bringing buying customers into contact with experienced sales professionals, the ‘heart’ of the event is actually more about sharing information and finding best solutions for the future. The combination of bringing engineers together from all walks of life, be that purchasing, sales, design or R&D, can only be enhanced by adding yet more knowledge to the mix.”

According to Christopher, this also means visitors will be able to cover a lot more in one visit, which is of the utmost importance these days.

A variety of products will be on show this year. Burkert, for example, will be exhibiting such products as its modular multiCELL transmitter type 8619 with a new input board, while Bronkhorst will be showing a range of flow products, including a miniature Coriolis mass flow sensor, next generation flow and pressure controllers, etc. Another exhibitor, Micro-Hybrid Electronic, develops and produces a range of standard and customer specific infrared sensor components and modules. Products include single, dual and quad thermopiles, pyrodetectors, thermopile arrays for IR-spectroscopy, IR-sources and customer specific gas measurement modules for high temperature applications. Find out more at the show.

Additional companies already booked to exhibit include Huba Control, Micro Epsilon, Sensors UK/Flyde, Optris, Techni Measure and Infratec Infrared.

Running alongside the exhibition is a dedicated seminar programme – in fact Burkert’s sensors product manager, Volker Erbe, will be delivering a seminar titled ‘Reducing process control costs’. Further details on the seminars will be published on the website.