inrekor has developed a specially engineered fuel tank for Aston Martin Racing. Built from ARPRO, a lightweight material widely used in automotive applications, sandwiched in aluminium, the new bladder fuel tank meets FIA standards which require a 10mm thick shell. It has been designed by the inrekor, Prodrive and Aston Martin Racing engineering teams to ensure a tight fit within the vehicle roll-cage, optimising both fuel capacity and safety. 

Complex shapes can be achieved, and it can be supplied in separate parts, which can then be built in situ to fit into the confined space within the vehicle. It is also a fraction of the price of carbon fibre, more cost-effective than honeycomb and can be pieced together securely and easily, claims the company.

Chief engineer GT at Aston Martin Racing, Dan Sayers, said: “Moving the fuel cell to be positioned inside the roll cage increases protection, and this was our main target.  The aim is for this installation to be common across our GT range and therefore the inrekor tank will also be used in GTE, GT3 and GT4.”