With its swivelling fingers, the PZH-SF large stroke gripper from Schunk enables components of different sizes to be handled in succession. Instead of changing the top jaws or the complete gripper each time, the fingers of the device swivel into another position.

The opening stroke per finger amounts to 113mm in radial direction; and depending on the jaw position, the gripper handles components with diameters between 100 and 430mm.

Capable of transmitting a power ratio nearly double its volume and mass, the gripper offers a gripping force of 1500N, handles workpieces up to 11.8kg (at a friction coefficient of µ=0.1) and achieves a safety factor that is twice as high. For larger diameters or special requirements, the length and the orientation of the three swivelling arms, and also the length and shape of the fingers, can be individually adjusted. Monitoring can now be carried out reliably by magnetic field sensors or inductive sensors.