High sensitivity pressure sensors are now available from Kistler. These are for use in the production of fibre-reinforced lightweight plastic structures and composite parts for the automobile and aerospace industries using conventional and high-pressure resin transfer moulding (RTM). They can also be used in injection moulding and pressing of temperature-resistant components for domestic appliances and electrical products from thermosetting materials such as bulk moulded compound (BMC), sheet moulded composite (SMC) and elastomers.

There are two types available, one with a sensitivity of 16.9pC/bar over the range from 0 to 200 bar, and the other a sensitivity of 4pC/bar over the range 0 to 1,000 bar. Both are suitable for use at melt temperatures up to 450°C. When used with the company’s CoMo Injection system, their ability to detect minute changes in cavity pressure allow the processing of curable, cross-linking compounds to be precisely monitored and controlled. The resulting mould cavity pressure curve can then be analysed for quality assurance monitoring.