A six Degree of Freedom (6 DoF) hydraulic simulation table, an hydraulic substation and Integrated Test Suite software have been provided by Moog for Kemflo International to simulate the stresses that automotive accessories, such as car racks, undergo on the road.

Based in Taiwan, Kemflo not only manufactures plastics and metal products for water treatment, plumbing and other sectors, but in 2009 acquired Yakima Products which produced car racks and cargo boxes. So, when it then decided to establish a R&D centre, it called in Moog which confirmed the auto-testing specifications and proposed a solution. Moog was also responsible for the integrated installation of the overall system, and also provided the Kemflo testing team with a series of training services, including basic operation and advanced testing technology.

The resulting platform can rotate around the x-, y-, and z-axis to carry out vertical, lateral and horizontal movement as well as pitch, horizontal swing and lateral rotation. Tests involve installing the roof of the car with a Kemflo car rack on the platform of the simulation table – simulating acceleration, force and displacement outputs enables the simulation table to effectively recreate the data normally collected from the proving ground. This enables the company to carry out a series of tests for car-rack fatigue, durability and performance.

According to the company, high frequency vibration testing with the system has enabled it to shorten the time taken for testing and ensure the quality of products as well as their compatibility with OEM customer products.

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