Following significant investment, William Hughes is now able to form compression springs in wire sizes up to 8mm diameter and torsion springs up to 6mm. A new coiling machine at its Dorset factory means it can now supply heavier duty compression springs using 5mm to 8mm diameter wire, typically used as return valves in products such as hydraulic valves. The new machine in its Bulgarian facility has the capacity for torsion springs up to 6.0mm diameter – these are widely used in the automotive industry and have applications in products such as chain tensioners.

“We continue to invest in the latest machinery and metal finishing technologies to meet customer demands in a tough market,” said Max Hughes, managing director. “Our operations in Bulgaria have grown four fold from when we first opened the factory in 2004 and this extra capacity allows us to optimise our manufacturing resources. As a result we can provide our customers with quality products at highly competitive prices.”

The news of the increased capacity follows on from recent announcements that the company has gained the prestigious Nadcap accreditation for its heat treatment facility – a process that is particularly important for springs to be used in the aerospace industry.