New industry research from Cambashi shows a healthy growth in spending for technical applications software generally but notes some concern with the Eurozone. 

The findings are included in the Cambashi Country Observatory for the third quarter of 2012; and the technical applications covered in the research include architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) and manufacturing (CAD/CAM/CAE and PDM/PLM) software applications.

While the BRIC countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China continue with strong growth, the emerging so-called CIVET countries of Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt and Turkey are also making good progress.

Growth in the 17 nations included in the Eurozone has been impacted by industrial contraction in Spain, Italy and Greece, which has lowered the overall figure in this region. Because of this, Cambashi notes that the Eurozone should be considered as two distinct areas – North and South. 

“Currently most indices show manufacturing and construction activities in continuing recession in the U.S. and Europe with a mixed picture in other regions,” noted Tony Christian, director at Cambashi.  “However, there is a widespread realisation that survival and restoring growth requires increased productivity and advanced design which is putting pressure on companies to continue investing, albeit cautiously, in technical applications.”