Outdoor enclosures will suffer from solar gain on hot summer days and as a result the internal temperature will rise above the ambient. The life expectancy of most electronics will fall dramatically with a temperature increase above 30-35°C – electronics sealed in an outdoor enclosure will effectively cook unless there are some simple measures taken to both remove any generated heat and reduce or eliminate the effect of the sun.

As a solution, Rittal has introduced a range of cooling units specifically for outdoor enclosures. The range includes several standard enclosures with twin walls, separated by a 25mm air gap, that provide a suitable home for sensitive equipment. In addition, the company is able to supply a range of air conditioning units which maintain the IP55 rating of the enclosure.

Designs specifically for use in roof mounting, side wall, rear panel or door mounting applications are available, with cooling capacities ranging between 650W and 1750W and providing from 345m3/hour of cooling air through to over 1090m3/hour to cater for a wide range of circumstances.


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