HBM has launched version 3.3 of its popular catmanAP data acquisition and analysis software program. The enhanced version of the software focuses on being easy and intuitive to operate while offering extensive functionality.

The software is suitable for a wide variety of measurement tasks because it includes a number of modules to improve its operational flexibility. For example, the new version features a revised user interface that makes typical tasks such as setting up automatic measurement sequences or analyzing measured data very clear and concise.

New data analysis functions have also been developed. In fatigue tests, for example, the ‘classifying procedure’ is ideal for graphically representing relevant material loads to estimate material fatigue. A load’s amplitudes and mean values are recorded, making it possible to represent their frequencies in a simple three-dimensional diagram.

This analysis is even possible in real time, which makes it possible to compress data for long-term measurements immediately. The Advanced Cursor Graph for graphical analysis of measurement data has also been improved.

Version 3.3 of catmanAP supports HBM’s entire range of measurement technology hardware.



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