EAO, the expert for Human Machine Interfaces, is a global manufacturer of premium quality switches, keypads and custom-built control panels. It also supplies the UK with CAN-bus vehicle keypads, displays and rotary switches from the leading US manufacturer, Grayhill, along with cooling fans and stepper motors from Sanyo Denki.

New for 2012

Motion control: The Sanyo Denki high torque hybrid stepper motor range has been extended to include IP65 rated stepper motors and CAN-bus interfaces for better environmental protection and flexible system integration.

Cooling solutions: Sanyo Denki’s oil and waterproof, IP55 rated cooling fans feature potted motors and increased impellor/frame clearance to resist oil and dust build up. The low power GA fans offer high static pressure and airflow, with lower noise and use up to 30% less power than conventional fans.

CAN-bus keypads joysticks and displays for vehicles and engine monitoring systems: Grayhill’s IP67 sealed vehicle keypads and joysticks now support both CAN-open and J1939 protocols. The range includes LCD displays up to 10.4”, multi-function display controller joysticks and rubberised keypads with back illuminated symbols and multi-state buttons that replicate rocker switch functionality.

Unique pushbutton switches: See EAO’s huge range of pushbutton switches from the Series 84 multi-coloured halo illuminated switches to the latest Series 51 compact Stop Switches which offer a low back panel depth of only 19mm.

Customised HMI’s: EAO will demonstrate its HMI capability with a selection of bespoke products using pushbutton switches, illuminated membrane switches, touch screens and illuminated rubberised keypads. EAO custom HMI’s can incorporate various electronic interface technologies including USB and CAN-bus.

Industrial sector expertise

EAO understands the customer’s need to work with an expert partner who has knowledge of particular industries in order to help them realise their market objectives. At Southern Manufacturing 2011 we will be demonstrating a range of products and knowledge-based skills in Automotive, Machinery, and Instrumentation.

Come to EAO’s stand M43 at Southern Manufacturing to find out why we are the experts in Human Machine Interfaces.