Drive performance to a new level

Automated production processes require high-performance drive solutions. Lenze, one of the drive and automation technology specialists, has added a new servo drive to its product portfolio. This will enable it to provide tomorrow’s machines with the best possible equipment to seamlessly execute demanding movements. The i750 servo inverter for motion control applications, in combination with Lenze’s modern controls, solves almost all automation issues for dynamic multi-axis applications.

In an era where batches can also consist of a single product and where competition in the manufacturing industry is getting fiercer, the bar for drive technology is ever higher. Machine builders expect fast response times, absolute motion precision, intelligent algorithms and maximum productivity to build machine automation that is competitive. With more than 75 years of experience in drive technology, Lenze knows these challenges and now offers a powerful solution for motion control applications with the i750 multi-axis servo drive. Björn Maltzahn, product manager motion control at Lenze explains: “Our new servo drive is actually the logical next step in our portfolio. The i750 is built to master complex applications and give mechanical engineers new options to build future-proof solutions.”

Automation at the highest level

The servo drive prides itself on its outstanding performance in terms of precision and dynamics. Its excellent performance enables operators to increase the number of cycles in their machines by as much as 20%. Combined with Lenze control, the autotuning feature simplifies users’ work during commissioning and also improves machine efficiency. The 170 product range consists of power modules and single or dual axes implemented in DC configuration. Key features include narrow installation width and comprehensive, integrated safety technology. The devices are suitable for universal use in applications ranging from 1.1 to 15 kW for single axes and from 1.1 to 7.5 KW for twin axes. Power is boosted to between 22 and 110 kW with the i950 servo controller.

Unbeatable package

Besides its efficiency and precision, the easy integration of the new servo drive into Lenze’s control systems also stands out. Maltzahn: “The i750 offers all the advantages of an open EtherCAT Ci402 interface and is used in centrally controlled system architectures. Its full potential only becomes fully apparent when combined with Lenze control and makes it an indispensable element in sophisticated automation systems. Users benefit from both maximum precision and high throughput.” Pre-defined and tested out software modules in the Lenze FAST Application Software Toolbox significantly reduce development and commissioning thanks to the product philosophy that favours parameterisation over programming.

Only one cable

The i750 servo drive also supports the use of motors across the full power range using single-cable technology (OCT). For Maltzahn, this is a crucial advantage: “OCT saves users more than half the effort that would otherwise creep into the installation and takes up less valuable space in the control cabinet.” OCT is possible thanks to the HIPERFACE DSL open motor feedback protocol. The motors and gearmotors vaan Lenzes’s MCS and m850 series are equipped with HIPERFACE DSL high-resolution encoders. The i750 servo inverter thus provides a complete drive system for high-dynamic applications.

Safe choice for the future

The team behind the development also paid very close attention to the functional safety of the servo drives. Its integrated safety functions cover a wide range of applications related to machine safety. The device thus meets the requirements for SIL3 and PL e. Even more extensive functions to improve machine functionality are available thanks to features such as safely-limited speed (SLS), safe direction (SDI) and safely-limited position (SLP). Maltzahn sums up the benefits. “Whether you are looking for safety, precision or performance, our new servo drive and the corresponding product portfolio will give mechanical engineers and machine operators all the tools they need to meet their drive technology requirements.”