Brownell Ltd has developed a range of moisture adsorbing polymer products, which can be used in a wide range of systems and instruments. Polymer adsorbents are intended to be used were conventional desiccants are impractical.

Polymer adsorbents offer a low dusting alternative to conventional bagged desiccant solutions.  The adsorbent material is held within the polymer structure, so there is no risk of loose desiccants from damaged containers. The polymer adsorbents are non-corrosive and non-deliquescent.

All forms of polymer desiccant can be fastened in place using many different methods, these includes mechanical fasteners as well as adhesives.

The sheet form polymer desiccants can be easily cut, formed, punched, shaped or thermo-formed. Supplied in standard 200 x 200mm board size to meet user requirements.

Polymer desiccants can be used in a wide variety of products from electronics, machinery, optics and instruments to pharmaceuticals and food. Maximising space occupancy, which is increasingly demanded of moisture protection by product miniature, often with placement as part of the production process.